Dream * Achieve * Succeed

What is the FinanciallyFit program?
The FinanciallyFit program is designed to help families and individuals with information and support that will empower them to achieve their financial goals. You and your coach will create a personalized path that is relevant to your financial situation.

How does the program work?
The FinanciallyFit Program is free and personalized for you. You have the freedom to create and work on your financial goals. Your FinanciallyFit Coach will select the financial tools best suited to assist you in achieving success.

What types of goals can I set?
Goals may be as simple as…
Saving enough money for holiday shopping
Learning how to open and balance a traditional checking account
To more advanced goals such as…
Becoming credit-worthy to purchase a car
Becoming a homeowner
Planning for a healthy retirement

What can I expect to get from participating in the program?
Working with one of our Certified FinanciallyFit Coaches, you formulate an action plan created with your unique goals in mind. What you accomplish is up to you.

To get started with one of our Certified FinanciallyFit Coaches today, call 888-978-6261 or email